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10 Men’s Hoodie Outfits for Winter 

The winter months are perfect for layering and trying out different looks. Many people use hoodies as a popular option to stay warm and avoid the cold. You can wear hoodies indoors or outdoors, which are versatile, in the evening for a number of events. 

A good sweatshirt gives you plenty of options when you have nothing to wear. And how should one wear a hoodie? It’s safe to say that there are tons of stylish ways to wear hoodies to help you slay the cold. 

In this article, we are going to discuss several hoodie-styling ideas for men.

 Hoodie Styling Ideas for Men

Hoodies are the mainstay of men’s winter attire. It’s an essential item for any man’s closet. If you match it with the other items, you might wear it to a laid-back weekend gathering. Certain hoodies feature side or front pockets where your hands can be tucked in to stay warm. 

Select it in soft colors to wear under shirts, or get a printed version to stand out on its own. If you’re not sure how to style a hoodie, consider the following suggestions:

Bomber Jacket with Hoodie

Undoubtedly, a hoodie and bomber jacket will become your go-to look. It’s stylish and toasty at the same time. Put on a high-quality jacket over your hoodie to stay toasty all day. Going to the grocery store or getting coffee with friends is great. It never goes out of style and is ageless. 

It’s a safe option for people who don’t want to explore too much with their wardrobe. Excellent neutral colors for hoodies to pair with bomber jackets include grey, black, and brown. 

1.    Denim Hoodie Jacket

This is for the daring in fashion. You may wear a denim jacket over your hoodie instead of the bomber jacket. You can wear this to pull off the laid-back urban style this winter. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers for a killer appearance. 

Neutral-colored hoodies could look great with a denim jacket because the jacket can make a statement on its own. 

2.    Hoodie-Fitted Leather Jacket

Wear a leather jacket over your hoodie to add some flair to your everyday outfit. Wearing a leather biker jacket can keep you warm and stylish. 

With jeans and shoes, it looks fantastic for evening events. For a rocker look, a black leather jacket looks great with various hoodies. This can also be an excellent option for gothic aesthetics. 

3.    Hoodie And Shearling Jacket

When it’s too cold, how should a hoodie be styled? Shearling coats are the solution. It’s well known that these jackets keep you warm. 

Since both pieces are lengthy, it’s critical to strike a balance when integrating them. For maximum warmth and a stylish appearance, wear it with boots. 

4.    Jeans With Rips in The Hoodie

How can you seem trendy when wearing a hoodie with jeans? When it’s not too cold outside, you can wear your sweatshirt with a pair of torn jeans. This is chic and will elevate your ensemble. It’s a chic urban ensemble that avoids being overly simple. 

To make it even more elegant, accessorize it with a hat. Here, you may stand out by wearing hoodies in vibrant hues. 

5.    Trench Coats Hoodie

How should a hoodie be worn for comfort? Just wear it with gym attire or track pants. It works well for lounging around the house, walking your dog, and visiting the local store. Whether you stay at home or visit the gym, you can wear your hoodie with workout attire. 

Put a trench coat on top of your hoodie for a more put-together appearance. These jackets are renowned for their elegance and sophistication. It has the power to drastically change your fashion game. 

Trench coats and hoodies are the perfect combination if you’re the type of person that looks better clean-cut than edgy. For an evening date, it looks nicer with loose-fitting pants and boots. 

6.    Hoodie Wearing Gym Clothes or Track Pants

How should a hoodie be worn for comfort? Just wear it with gym attire or track pants. It works well for lounging around the house, walking your dog, and visiting the local store. Whether you stay at home or visit the gym, you can wear your hoodie with workout attire. 

7.    Formal Blazer Hoodie 

If you wear a sweatshirt with your formal blazer, you can wear it out for a more relaxed day. This style strikes a mix between professional and informal. 

Try wearing it with some pants or jeans for the perfect look. You might match the color of your sweatshirt to one of your formal jackets or come up with creative color combinations.

8.    Shorts And Hoodie 

If it’s not freezing outside, wear your hoodie with other shorts. Wear it with sneakers and socks for a casual yet stylish look. One excellent approach to add some more spice is by color blocking. 

You can go with muted hues if you want to keep things informal. It scores a perfect ten in terms of both comfort and style. 

9.    Flannel Shirt Hoodie

Winter is a perfect time for flannel shirts. It’s a timeless piece that should be in every man’s closet. Style tip: Wearing it with a hoodie underneath is really cute. 

However, since flannels already have patterns and different hues, you should be cautious while choosing the hoodie’s color. It’s okay to pair a solid-colored hoodie with a flannel shirt.

10. Neutral Colored Hoodie:

There are numerous hues and tones available for hoodies. Invest in a hue that is the most versatile and easily styled. Neutral hues are the best choices for most apparel color schemes. Take your demands into account when choosing the hue.


Arrange your wardrobe before grabbing a hoodie. A hoodie that goes well with other things in your closet is what you would want. When buying a hoodie, think about your demands because it should allow you to put together a variety of looks.

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