Lady‘s Sleep Dress

Cashmere-similar 95%polyester5%spandex Hacci fabric lady‘s sleep dress
Fabric: lining95%polyamide,fabric 95%polyester
Size: S-M-L-XL-2XL
Price: $3.6-$4.2
MOQ: 500sets/color way


Ladies Night Sleep Dress Supplier

Tired of wearing those old-fashioned night suits that are not comfortable enough? Ningbo Huazhong being a leading Ladies Night Sleep Dress Supplier brings affordable and trendy ladies night dresses.

Our wholesale business provides the broadest range of styles with high quality. These women’s nightgowns in China have a unique design to maximize comfort. These top-notch night wears look good while your customers sleep and just lounging about the house. These women’s night dresses consist of breathable, warm materials that are soft and suitable for the season.

We cater bulk orders for retailers and business owners, get your hands on the best collection of women night sleep dress at attractive prices. With excellent comfort and care, these night wears last for long and provide amazing experience.

Comfortable And Stylish Ladies Night Sleep Dress

The best materials are used to make these night dresses, and it consists of an original lining of 95% polyamide and 95% polyester fabric. These come in a number of designs and cuts, which includes one-piece robes and top-and-bottom sets. These Chinese women’s night dresses absorb moisture and keep the user feeling light and comfortable the full time they are on.

Wearing good quality outfits ensures comfort while sleeping the whole night in a sound sleep. Our supplier offers outstanding products to maximize sleep quality and have an appealing appearance when worn around the house. All these night dresses are composed of warm and breathable materials that are soft and suitable for the season.

Also, we have a variety of sizes for our women night sleep dresses. The sizes available are S, M, L, XL, and 2XL which fits accurately on various types of people.

Moreover, these ladies’ night dresses are available in a variety of gorgeous colors and shades, from the traditional to the funky. For extra comfort, they are exquisitely made to be loose-fitting without being out of shape. Even when ladies wear them for a long time, these guarantee relaxation.

Easy To Clean and Maintain Night Dresses for Ladies

The ladies night dresses for sale in China are from reputable Ladies Night Sleep Dress Supplier that provide our wholesale clients and bulk buyers with products of one-on-one quality. These women’s night dresses are simple to care for.

We advise washing them in the machine without worrying about the softness fading or the colors spreading. For the best fit, we also offer this nightwear outfit with a collection of elasticized as well.

Keep them in a cool and dry place so they can last longer. In this way, the fabric will also retain its original colors without fading away. In addition, avoid any harsh chemicals and harmful substances.

Buy From Chinese Ladies Night Sleep Dress Supplier

Select the most beautiful ladies night dress from the different selections available on Ningbo Huazhong. These are ideal for sellers of ladies night dresses in various parts of the world who want to stock up on a wide range of these products at reasonable prices. Purchase them to enjoy genuine comfort at a fair price!

Feel free to offer your customers our quality night dresses so they sleep in the most luxurious outfits available. Our wholesale suppliers work hard day and night to bring comfort and style. Find the ideal style by browsing our selection of night dresses.

If you’re a retailer, business owner, or distributor, get a FREE quote today by placing bulk orders for Ladies Night Sleep Dress at reasonable prices. We ensure quality and timely delivery at the desired address.

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